150mm Nylon Polyurethane Jockey Wheel Only

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These attractive and durable polyurethane wheels feature a resilient tread (92 Durometer Shore A) mechanically bonded to a specially designed (Reg #DF2001/0766) white center of impact resistant polypropylene

Our most popular request for this wheel is for use on trailer jockeys and Industrial Trolleys.

Diameter Hub Length Tread Width
150mm 60mm 43mm
Bearing ID Bolt Set Load Rating
20mm M12x90 250 kg
  • High Quality Double Bodied Wheel.
  • Registered Mechanical bond between urethane tire and wheel center.
  • Highest wear resistance of any castor wheel.
  • Impact Resistant.
  • Resistant to Rust
  • Resistant to most liquids. (Except solvents and strong acids)
  • Ideal Temperature Zone (-20˚C to 50˚C).

This wheel is supplied complete with a M12 bush and bolt set.

Actual wheel colours may vary dependant on available stock.

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